Goleta Valley Historical Society invites you to experience a historic ranch preserved for our community.

History Education Center In Honor of George & Dale Cavalletto

A unique interactive experience

Welcome to the History Education Center in Honor of George and Dale Cavalletto, a new museum at our historic ranch.  A century-old working walnut packing shed has been carefully transformed into an education center that tells the story of the Goleta Valley, from Chumash and native peoples up to the present day with a focus on ranching and agricultural stories.  The center has been designed as an interactive experience, utilizing new technologies, innovations and materials to enhance the visitor experience for all ages.

The center compliments educational programs such as the Society’s signature Pioneer Days for local schoolchildren.  In addition to the displays, children can sort lemons, handle wood crafted by ranch carpentry tools and look behind colored panels to learn why “some eggs are brown and some are white.”  They can “leave their mark” by signing their names on a glass wall, guess the modern equivalent of the devices contained within display cases, or watch a slideshow that displays old and new photographs of school buildings and students.

“Some kids might come in and actually recognize themselves or their peers or their teacher in these photographs and realize that this is their story too; that they’re part of history.”   – Anne Petersen, Ph.D, Past President